Monday, March 9, 2015

An Invitation, A Sharing

I'm sharing my story as a show of faith and trust, and as an invitation to understand my work and goals more deeply. My hope is that those interested will want to explore the possibilities of collaborating and creating a Coalition for Good. 

Writing my story over the last few months has been difficult; writing about what was, rather than what is or, better yet, what could be, has been a frustrating task for me. It is my natural inclination to do, not to write or speak about doing; I'm a do'er, especially when I perceive a dire need.

There are also amazing people and projects out there doing fabulous work, and I prefer to spend my time connecting, interviewing and writing about them…not myself.

Collaboration in support of other organizations, projects and endeavors has always been central to my intentions and vision. Forming a Coalition for Good is a vitally necessary next step, so I have done my best to focus strictly on sharing my story, my why.

I realize this is long, but I don't intend for this to be viewed as a resume or vision statement. Nor is it edited to perfection; I may go in and out of observer mode as I recall events. I picture myself sitting across from you, having a cup of coffee, while I share my story. Certainly words are easily misinterpreted, no matter how carefully I have tried to utilize and craft them, so please don't hesitate to ask any questions, about anything. 

* * *

As my work took a monumental leap in 2014, culminating in the conception of Caregiverism (much more on that later), I put my attention on gathering a Coalition for Good. Potential collaborators and supporters began to  request that I share more about my story and my journey. At first I was surprised to hear people say they'd rather learn more about me, personally, than the projects themselves. They wanted insight into why I do what I do and have been doing throughout my life. They wanted to know my why. I'm accustomed to being the behind-the-scenes person -- chopping wood, carrying water – not focusing on me personally.

I get it though. Our stories matter, perhaps now more than ever. 

I don't hide from what is. I see things as they are and face it all, head on, but I choose to pivot my attention on what could be. I’m one of those people who has always asked "What if?", believing the questions themselves are key and that asking them, out loud, are critically important to our well-being and, quite simply, our survival. 

Eight years ago I created Wishadoo!, a rather revolutionary social network, intended to be the first member-owned online community cooperative and "new economy" incubator, providing a safe, respectful gathering space with many tools to put authentic community into action. The work at Wishadoo! over the years has led to the creation of other projects and initiatives, with the portal now found at

I have always wanted to empower and encourage active hope -- for myself as much as for anyone else. 

I have always wanted to reduce suffering and increase joy -- for myself as much as for anyone else.

At the core of Who I Am and everything I have done and continue to do is an acute awareness of our interconnectedness, an unwavering faith in Humanity, and a maturing vision of our potential for a cultural-spiritual evolution. I believe critical mass is real and that we can shift the course of not only our individual lives, but the course of Humanity by asking "What If?" -- staying open to possibilities and new perspectives and perceptions.

I savor the process of creating potential for possibility, hope and joy.

Over the last few years I have undergone significant personal challenges (a crucible, really), and having come out the other side intact and as passionate about my work as ever, it is time to find reliable, passionate collaborators. I do not doubt that both I as an individual and my work –  the various puzzle pieces I have created and developed thus far -- have great value in this world. 

My intention and hope in writing and sharing my story is that you will see the bigger picture of what I envision, resonate with the fundamental elements, and accept this invitation to collaborate in creating a Coalition for Good.

I have written a series of essay to share what I feel are the applicable aspects of my journey. I've divided them into three sections as shown below and have attempted to compose them as standalone essays for those who do not want to read in full, or in order. (I will post a PDF with the entire content soon.) Please note the navigation menu at the top of the site with tabs for each of the three essays, or click the following to begin reading:  

1.  My mini-bio (my why)

      • An early Interbeingist

      • How racism and "othering" shaped me
      • Owning my wisdom

2.  My social entrepreneurial journey 

      •  Social entrepreneur before it was cool
      •  From E.T. to Wishables to Wishadoo!
      •  Coming full circle: Caregiverism

3.  Caregiverism

      •  Feminism, militantism and my "aha" moment
      •  First, we must care
      •  What, Why, Who and How

Thanks for reading and for caring about my story.

~ Dena

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