Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On Vaccinations, Trust and Caregiverism

The vaccine controversy is the perfect example (to me) of how the Religion of Monetary Profit has corrupted EVERYTHING. Most of the people who are anti-vaccine are NOT anti-science. It's just that in many cases the products of science, in this case vaccinations, have been corrupted by the capitalistic quest for more, more, more profit...at any expense. People don't trust pharmaceutical companies; people don't believe these companies have their best interests at heart. How can we trust any mega-corporate entity when we know they are legally bound to generate profit as their primary motivator and any benefit they provide consumers is actually secondary as far as their intentions? The "market" doesn't solve everything in this day and age; in fact, I feel the competitive "market" is precisely the problem.

I think this Religion of Profit system itself leads us to not only distrust all institutions (business, government, education, etc), but it leads us to not trust one another. We don't trust one another because we're all trying to survive within this Religion of Money framework, and encouraged at every turn to be proud bootstrapping individualists, and that more, more, more is the American Way. Any other way is deemed un-American and evil.

Our entire culture needs a drastic overhaul if we're to survive. Not only in the US, but around the world because "our way" has gone global. And this way is killing us and everything around us. 

I'm deeply immersed in another way and have been most of my life. I've recently named this path


"Caregiverism is a grassroots model for cultural-spiritual transformation and system change, expanding the definition of 'care' and 'caregivers' beyond current role and gender limitations. It is the foundation for a Culture of Care – wholistic care of and for ourselves, other people, communities, non-human animals and our environment. Caregiverism cultivates a nurturing, compassionate, optimistic, collaborative way of being and doing -- inviting communities to prioritize their collective values, which allows for thriving rather than merely surviving – in sharp contrast to the current destructively competitive, exploitative, cynical, domination-based worldviews and systems.

More about Caregiverism here:  http://caregiverism.com

~ Dena

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