Sunday, August 24, 2014

Six Degrees of Compassion: US Law Enforcement

1.  We need to demilitarize our police departments and provide training and an environment for them within the communities to, once again, become peace officers.

2.  All need to wear video cameras, for their protection as well as the citizens.

3.  The use of lethal force is out of control. Officers desperately need more training in non-lethal measures.

4.  Racism and various forms of bigotry need to be dealt with in an honest way, in safe environments, rather than seething beneath the surface, erupting in deadly ways. It needs to be acknowledged as being part of our systems, infecting all institutions. It's everywhere.

5.  How about dealing with the over-weaponization of citizens so the police don't feel they're constantly in mortal danger...even when they aren't? Follow the money trail. The NRA and weapon manufacturers benefit from this battle on the streets of the US.

6.  How about a simple first step of encouraging officers to remember that the citizens they are policing are fellow human beings? Sometimes officers are faced with people actively engaged in violent crimes, but most often they aren't...they prejudge for many reasons and the results are deadly, given the current environment and mindset of the system of law enforcement.

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